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"I love heal. The doctor I saw was sooo kind and took so much time with me during my appointment. I feel like she really listened to me instead of rushing to her next appointment. The app is easy to use. I definitely recommend it."

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Valerie Y., 2/8/21


"What a remarkable service! Fabulous, caring physician! He was thorough, compassionate and easy to understand. He explained everything in layman’s terms. He was on time and took his time. I would call Heal again anytime. They provide a much needed and appreciated service."

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Phyllis D., 3/2/19

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"Heal is an amazing service. I have had 3 visits with them in the past 6 months, and every time has been such a pleasure. I have spent countless hours in waiting rooms, only to be rushed through the appointment with the doctor, with barely enough time to ask all of the questions I wanted. I felt like just another name on their schedule for the day. With Heal, I have never felt like they were rushed. I would have never thought I had "white coat syndrome" in the past, but with every visit I've had, I feel way more comfortable being in my own home than in an office. The first visit I had with Heal, I literally felt like I could cry. I was so happy with the experience, and I was given exactly what I needed to cure my symptoms. I have recommended Heal to family and friends, and I have heard nothing but great things."

Autumn M., 4/1/19

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"We are sorry we didn’t know about Heal sooner. The doctor that came and saw my father was extremely knowledgeable and informative of his condition and meds. Very professional. We are requesting the same doctor for the follow-up visits and so on. Working with the online and phone operators was a pleasant experience as they too were informative and very helpful. Thank you!"

JeanMargeDad, 5/18/21

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"What a great experience I just had! The Heal doctor and assistant came to my home. Everything I would have expected at a doctors office, I got in my own home! And without the wait! I will spread the word far and wide! Old School medicine is back! I love Heal!"

Zefas choice, 1/27/21

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"The whole process of scheduling an appointment, to the doctor visit, the time taken by the doctor, the explanation, the follow up, paperwork, reminders, alerts etc. was so convenient and top notch. The future of medicine is looking very bright!"

MusingsfromPitt, 11/24/20

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"This was my first Heal experience, and I’m so impressed. They were at my home within one hour, with a physician, a nurse, and a tech. They were professional, efficient, and caring. Within 20 minutes, they had diagnosed my viral illness, told me what meds to take, and they were on their way. It was so much more convenient than driving when I felt horrible, and waiting for an hour or more with other people who may be contagious. I am SOLD!"

6857634396545, 2/16/19

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